VIRSA: A culinary journey from Agra to Karachi

VIRSA: A culinary journey from Agra to Karachi

VIRSA: A culinary journey from Agra to Karachi

More than 100 straightforward and true Pakistani family treasure plans that have been disregarded down generations...Compiling, reproducing, and capturing these plans, this undertaking has been a work of adoration for the creator - a commitment to her mom - an incredible cook.
I've been in search of a Pakistani cook book with authentic recipes with no difficult and hard to obtain ingredients and which carry the essence of my childhood food forever and I finally found it. It is a beautiful well rounded book which covers all aspects of cooking native to Karachi like me. I've been living in USA for many years and this book reminds me of home. The pictures are beautiful and the background heart touching. This is a cookbook I want to give to my daughter when she grows up. I've ordered its hard copy after buying its kindle edition just because I liked it so much. --Adeela

I was waiting for the book ever since Shehrbano announced that she was working on it and it did not disappoint. Book is extremely detailed. I love how it covera everything from dry spice mix to snacks to lentils, vegetables, meat dishes to dessert. It's a visual and culinary treat. Recipes are well written. Also, I love everything that has a personal touch to it. And this book sure does. Reading it does give you a feel of being connected to Shehrbano's family and her heritage. I highly recommend it to someone new to cooking as well as to people who love to learn from others and improve their way of cooking. And I'm sure even if you're good at cooking, you'll find recipe you haven't tried yet or you were looking for a good recipe for. I sure am. --Maria Zafar 

Wow! The book I did not know I was missing! To me this is not just a recipe book, it is a piece of art showcasing our heritage and love for food! Also must say the food reminds me of my childhood! --Sehar 

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