The Doughnut Cookbook: Delicious Recipes for Baked & Fried Doughnuts

The Doughnut Cookbook: Delicious Recipes for Baked & Fried Doughnuts

The Doughnut Cookbook: Delicious Recipes for Baked & Fried Doughnuts 

Mmmm, doughnuts! A manual for making your own with an arrangement of plans included.

Going from exemplary Old-Fashioned style doughnuts to lemony-frosted prepared doughnuts finished off with pistachios and sugar-cleaned beignets, this book incorporates something for all donut darlings.

Yeasted, seared, prepared, frosted, and sprinkled, doughnuts are appreciated in all various shapes and sizes. Figure out how simple making doughnuts at home is in this comprehensive guide from the Williams-Sonoma Test Kitchen. Inside these pages, you'll discover plans for essential batters and frosts, divine plans for exemplary and inventive doughnuts, tips and deceives for browning and preparing doughnuts, and significantly more.

Recipes include: Funfetti Doughnuts • Apple Fritters • Maple-Bacon Doughnuts • S'mores Doughnuts • Vanilla and Chocolate Old-Fashioned Doughnuts • Peppermint Bark Chocolate Doughnuts • Savory Cheesy-Jalapeño Doughnuts • and many others

About the Author
Since its founding by Chuck Williams in 1956, the Williams-Sonoma brand has been bringing people together around food. Williams-Sonoma is a leading specialty retailer of high-quality products for the kitchen and home, providing world-class service and an engaging customer experience. The Williams-Sonoma Test Kitchen spearheads the development of culinary content for the brand’s catalog, website, blog, social media programs, cooking schools, and special events.
This book is rad! I don't know what other people are upset's like $10, and the perfect starter book to get into baking doughnuts. They give yeast, baked, and I think cake recipes. Some people are saying there isn't variation, and that might be true for glazes and such, but make it your own! Experiment, try different stuff out. The recipes they give are totally sufficient and taste awesome, but it can easily be interpreted as just a "bare bones" start. The book is relatively small, so if you're buying it as just a coffee table book, might not be the best choice. --Clara

Husband bought this for Daddy-Daughter Dates in the kitchen. Daughter was delighted and immediately read it front to back. They've enjoyed several recipes so far (as have the rest of us) with tasty results. Now we need an e-book on How To Not Over-frost The Doughnuts. --JollyGreenOnes 

Very easy instructions to follow. The donuts i have tried worked out well. Can't wait to find out what are my families favorite donuts. --Rose Kiss 

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