Pie Camp: The Skills You Need to Make Any Pie You Want

Pie Camp: The Skills You Need to Make Any Pie You Want

Pie Camp: The Skills You Need to Make Any Pie You Want

The strategies and motivation you need to accomplish "pie certainty" at home.

Perusers went gaga for Kate McDermott and her story-filled cookbook, Art of the Pie. In this new book, McDermott takes her educating to a higher level. Here, she's centered more around method: how to improve baked good with interlaced coverings, investigate a custard that will not set, make delightful layered pies, and impeccably thicken your organic product filling. When you have the establishments down, it's an ideal opportunity to blend and match hulls, fillings, and garnishes. The dozen "ace" recipes―from flaky to delicate to treat morsel outside layers, and organic product to cream to chiffon pies―will become some portion of each pie creator's collection and will open the entryway for dough punchers wherever to invoke pies with confidence. There are without gluten covering choices for each pie, including Apple Ginger Maple Bourbon, Raspberry Peach Sunset Chiffon, Double Chocolate Banana... besides plans for simple natively constructed frozen yogurt and pie-lets for a couple. Exquisite shading photography by Andrew Scrivani carries Pie Camp to striking life. More than 100 shading photos

About the Author
Kate McDermott is the James Beard Award–nominated author of Art of the Pie. Her Pie Camps, held nationwide, regularly sell out. McDermott, who has been featured by the New York Times, Saveur, NPR, and elsewhere, lives in Port Angeles, Washington.
In short, Kate McDermott puts HEART into the art of making pies... the nearly lost art of making pies! Kate knows the tricks and tips of pie making and is willing to share them openly with all of us who crack the cover of her books, and Pie Camp takes no second chair to either of her other two! I have enjoyed making pies for decades, but Kate's recipes, instructions and encouragement in this book adds more joy to the process. There are pie creations I have never heard or thought of. She covers everything from thickening agents to various pastry recipes and crumb crusts to step by step instructions for making fillings. Fruit fillings. Cream Fillings. Custard fillings. And then tops all that off with how to make them presentation perfect. While we have been socially distanced for more than 6 months now due to COVID-19 and guarding ourselves against the disease, baking pies has been a refreshing therapy for me. With Kate's gift for teaching and coaching I have started making 3" and 5" pies in a variety of flavors and depositing them, hot out of the oven, on the doorsteps of friends and family to bring them cheer and warm their hearts. Kate, thank you for all the ways you show your love to all of us through your cookbooks and give us the tools, tips and techniques to pass that love forward to others, all through the love we share: PIES! --Sandy B.

If you’re a beginner baker, need to make some holiday pies, or having been baking for years, this book is for you! She details everything you’ll need as well as provides both classic pie recipes and unique renditions on your favorites. I own her other book as we and like it but LOVE the detail this book brings to the art of making pie. I’ve made one recipe and fell in love and cannot wait to try more!!! --Katie 

I love this book! I have just started baking, due to my boyfriend loving homemade goods, and I am killin it thanks to this book!! I’m cresting eggs whites, and making pies that I didn’t even know existed!! He and his boys are super stoked, which makes me joyous!!❤️ For a novice like me to learn how to make my own dough and pie crust is epic, whereas when I started-pre Pie Camp-I was buying pre-made dough. I highly recommend this book if you like to bake AND you want to get creative and hone your craft!!! --Christina 

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