La Paella: Recipes for delicious Spanish rice and noodle dishes

La Paella: Recipes for delicious Spanish rice and noodle dishes

La Paella: Recipes for delicious Spanish rice and noodle dishes

Appreciate the genuine taste of Spain and investigate this entrancing nation's relationship with rice and the flavorfully assorted manners by which it is utilized in a large number of unmissable dishes.

Rice is a superbly adaptable fixing, and Spanish cooks change it into a variety of dishes from basic solace food to excellent dining experiences to be shared on extraordinary events. This book unites tasty rice dishes from everywhere Spain, from local works of art that are delighted in around the world to strange neighborhood specialities. Additionally included are plans for the lesser-known fideua, a dish initially from the bank of Valencia that is basically the same as paella however made with cut vermicelli noodles as opposed to rice. There is something for each taste here, with plans containing meat, poultry, fish and shellfish, just as some enticing veggie lover and vegetarian choices to browse. Figure out how to make a show-halting Paella Valenciana (Valencian paella) or a Paella de Marisco y Chorizo (Seafood paella with chorizo), or Fideua Negra (squid ink noodles) and how to take advantage of delicious fixings like garlic, saffron and smoked paprika in your cooking. Just as customary local dishes, there are additionally different styles of rice dishes to attempt, for example, Arroz Caldoso con Almejas (Clam soup) or Arroz al Horno con Garbanzos y Pasas (Baked rice with chickpeas and raisins). Admirers of real Spanish food won't be frustrated!

About the Author
Louise Pickford is a sought-after food writer and food stylist with over 20 years’ experience. She is the author of over 16 cookbooks published worldwide, including The Noodle Bowl, The Perfectly Dressed Salad, and A Handful of Herbs for Ryland Peters & Small. English by birth, she was based in Sydney, Australia for the past decade, but has recently relocated to rural France where she lives and runs cookery classes.
Lots of variety in this book. Paella seems out of Vogue in my many cookery books. So wanted a dedicated book. But according to my kids once rice is in and stirred one you just leave it to cook. Unlike rissotto! And it was starchy when I stirred it.! --Stenko

This was a fabulous purchase. Every recipe we’ve tried has been delicious and there is a wide variety of paella recipes to enjoy. This book, some saffron and a nice paella pan made a wonderful gift. --Monica Mcdonald 

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