New Larousse Gastronomique

New Larousse Gastronomique

New Larousse Gastronomique

This reference work is a cookery encyclopedia, known for its authoritative and comprehensive account of the culinary world, past and present

An awesome collection of food and beverage information worth browsing through even if you don't care about cooking. It might even get you to venture into the kitchen and try something --Henry A. Villar

I already have the 1977 edition of this book, (see my previous reviews), so I knew what to expect, and yet I was still surprised and impressed with this 2009 revision. It is worth repeating that this is a food encyclopedia, not just a recipe book, although it does contain many recipes (the recipe index covers 32 pages). It does not contain a vast number of pictures, but then this is a reference book, and the range of information is vast - there are not many books where you will be able to see how to poach eggs and also how to poach pig's ears. The paper quality is silky smooth and the pictures that are there are really professional. If you're interested in cookery, or just setting up your home and are not sure what you need, I strongly recommend this book. What is really fascinating is to compare what was seen as relevant in the 1977 version and has not made it into this edition. I am sorry to announce that Albatross and Magpie are off the menu by the time of this 2009 print, but a million words of culinary wisdom remain. --Paul Reeder 

The ultimate cooking reference without a doubt. Filled with so much insight and information about anything food or cooking related. Does lean a little more towards classical french cooking, but unlike earlier editions this one delves into quite a lot more. The recipes spread throughout are more of a guide for a home cook, they give a lot of instruction and large amounts that are more suited for a kitchen brigade, but the flavour and technique is amazing when you scale down or just use as a reference piece. Must have for any avid home cook or aspiring chef. --Alex F. 

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