FODMAP Friendly: 95 Vegetarian and Gluten-Free Recipes for the Digestively Challenged

FODMAP Friendly: 95 Vegetarian and Gluten-Free Recipes for the Digestively Challenged

FODMAP Friendly: 95 Vegetarian and Gluten-Free Recipes for the Digestively Challenged 

This is the low-FODMAP cookbook veggie lovers have been hanging tight for.

It's extreme when the food sources you love don't cherish you back. In case you're managing stomach related problems, removing high-FODMAP food sources can bring help—yet it's difficult to bid farewell to wheat, dairy, and numerous products of the soil. Also, in case you're veggie lover or vegetarian and going low-FODMAP? It very well may be much harder to fill your plate!

Georgia McDermott acts the hero in FODMAP Friendly, with 95 veggie lover, vegetarian amicable, and sans gluten plans for the consumptively tested. Her flavorful, low-to no-FODMAP passage considers every contingency:
  • Lighter meals and breakfasts, like Grain-Free Olive Oil Granola and Roasted Pepper and Halloumi Shakshuka
  • Hearty dinners, from Tempeh Chili to Pepper, Pesto, and Goat Cheese Galette
  • Delectable desserts—Pavlova with Roasted Lemony Strawberries, anyone?
  • Festive food and drinks for a crowd, including Salted Honey and Sage Baked Camembert and Passion Fruit Caipirinhas
FODMAP affectability differs from one individual to another, so Georgia incorporates an abundance of recommendations for investigating what accomplishes and doesn't work for you. Onion and garlic don't trouble you? Add them! The possibility of tomatoes turns you off? Try not to eat them! Living with IBS, Crohn's sickness, colitis, SIBO—and so on—shouldn't mean unnecessarily passing up the flavors you need. This is low-FODMAP eating—made well disposed for everybody.

About the Author
Georgia McDermott is a food stylist and photographer, recipe developer, blogger, content creator, and social media manager. She writes, cooks, and photographs gluten-free, FODMAP-friendly, pescatarian recipes on her blog,, and on Instagram
This book was far more fun than I thought it would be. I had put it off to the side of my TBR stack because I thought it might be a bit preachy and overly health conscious. Not that I mind books about healthy cooking, but they're not usually the most enjoyable cookbooks to read! I am so glad I was wrong about my initial thoughts on this book. It is nothing like I thought it would be. The book starts with the author's very personal story of her difficulties with food. I can't imagine going through such pain and suffering for so long... and all because of something we must do several times a day... eat! The author tried a variety of things to help her tummy troubles and eventually settled on a combination of vegetarian, FODMAP friendly, and gluten-free recipes. So those are the type of recipes provided in this book. My thanks to her for being so transparent in telling her story --Jamie Bee

I think the FODMAP diet is great for anyone experiencing GI symptoms but it can certainly feel overwhelming to figure out "what can I eat?" especially for those who are also vegetarian. This was such a great cookbook with a wide variety of recipes to suit any craving. I look forward to trying the Roasted Pepper and Halloumi Shakshuka, Roasted Quinoa and Banana Crumble, Roasted Vegetable Grain-Free Tart, Vegan Furikake Rice Bowls, Baked Donuts, and Pavlova with Roasted Lemony Strawberries. Although there is not a photograph of every recipes, the photographs that are included are stunning. --Joanna 

This is a great IBS/FODMAP cookbook with lots of great recipes and lovely photos. I look forward to diving in here. --J. Hrivnak 

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