French Pâtisserie: Master recipes and techniques from the Ferrandi School of Culinary Arts

French Pâtisserie: Master recipes and techniques from the Ferrandi School of Culinary Arts

French Pâtisserie: Master recipes and techniques from the Ferrandi School of Culinary Arts

French pâtisserie—from a flaky croissant toward the beginning of the day to a raspberry macaron with tea or a layered Opéra cake after supper—gives the great finale to each important feast. This complete volume, from the experts at the Ferrandi School of Culinary Arts—named "The Harvard of Gastronomy" by Le Monde paper—offers all the home cook requires to make ideal cakes for all events.

1500 abilities and methods Learn how to make cakes, creams, adornments, and more with bit by bit directions and tips and deceives from Ferrandi's accomplished culinary specialists.

235 exemplary French plans Recipes for the total scope of French pâtisserie additionally incorporate varieties that are evaluated by level of trouble so that home culinary experts can grow their abilities over the long haul.

About the Author

École Ferrandi cooking school opened in 1920 to train culinary professionals. Internationally renowned for excellence, Ferrandi offers courses of all levels to students from France and abroad, including master classes taught by celebrated Michelin-starred chefs. Pierre Hermé, Joël Robuchon, Thierry Marx, Eric Frechon, and Michel Roth actively support the school.

Rina Nurra is a culinary photographer whose work has been published in several books and magazines.
This book is excellent and anyone who loves cooking desserts and Pastries should buy a copy. It goes from basic to high high end.
It teaches you the basics, teaches you about products, such as different types of sugars etc, and gives you recipes in 3 levels easy (!?) intermediate and advanced. Even the easy recipes are of quite an advanced standard if you follow them to the letter. Each recipe gives you the weights in cups, ounces and grams. Also each level of recipe uses similar equipment and ingredients so you don't need to rush out and buy loads of equipment and ingredients straight away you can build it up as you progress and improve. Although one small gripe is that some of the equipment and ingredients for the more advanced recipes can be either a little difficult to get hold of and also quite expensive. But that is only gripe I have, and it isn't much of one really because if you love baking and Pastry you will spend the money and take the time getting the equipment and ingredients. If you could spend the time and money learning and mastering the level 1 recipes and all the techniques in this book then you would have the skills and could possibly work in a pro kitchen (as a Junior) it's that good, trust me, I know, I'm a Pastry Chef. --Iain Gordon

My French fiancée loved this book. It has all the recipes from all the master patisserie chefs in France and levels of difficulty to ensure no budding baker is thrown into the deep end too quickly. This book has now become her bible. The only downside is the she wants to bake every weekend and my pre wedding diet is suffering. --Geddo 

This cookbook is seriously huge. It's definitely one for the coffee table rather than the book shelf (because it probably won't fit).This is fast becoming my favourite cookbook ever. All bases are covered, from the basics (pastry, creams, biscuits, and loaf cakes) to creations straight out of a professional kitchen. The recipes are split into 3 levels of difficulty - meaning you have 3 different ways of creating staple bakes (lemon tart, chocolate tart, walnut tart, croquembouche, etc.). For example, Level 1 of the walnut tart requires just a sweet short pastry and walnut caramel filling, but Level 3 has sweet walnut pastry, walnut cream, vanilla fudge, caramelised walnuts, and chantilly cream. Level 2 meets them halfway with a walnut genoise sponge, syrup, almond paste crown, and soft caramel. --NDE 

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