The Science of Spice: Understand Flavor Connections and Revolutionize Your Cooking

The Science of Spice: Understand Flavor Connections and Revolutionize Your Cooking

The Science of Spice: Understand Flavor Connections and Revolutionize Your Cooking

Investigate the world's best flavors, be propelled to make your own new zest mixes, and take your cooking higher than ever.

Kick off something new with this flavor book like no other, from food researcher and smash hit writer Dr. Stuart Farrimond. Taking the occasional table of flavors as a beginning stage, investigate the science behind the craft of making extraordinary zest mixes and how the flavor mixes inside flavors cooperate to make energizing layers of flavor and new sensations. Zest is the ideal cookbook for inquisitive cooks and courageous foodies.

Zest profiles - coordinated by their prevailing flavor compound - grandstand the world's top flavors, with formula thoughts, data on the best way to purchase, use, and store, and more inside and out science to help you discharge the flavors and make your own zest associations. There is additionally a choice of plans utilizing creative flavor mixes, in view of the new zest science, intended to light up your sense of taste and move your own culinary experiences.

In the event that you've ever considered how to do that disliked container of sumac, why a few flavors taste more grounded than others, or how to make your very own garam masala, this uplifting guide has all the appropriate responses. You'll go to this excellent and extraordinary book on numerous occasions - to investigate and to improve.

About the Author
Dr Stuart Farrimond, food scientist and author of the DK bestseller The Science of Cooking (2017), is a science and medical writer, presenter, and educator. He makes regular appearances on TV, radio, and at public events, and his writing appears in national and international publications, including The Independent, The Daily Mail, and New Scientist. He is the main author of this book and will reveal the science behind spices, in a way never before seen.
Chef contributors will write each of the regional spice palette sections and the blend recipes.
I never bother to write reviews but this book has honestly brought me so much enjoyment, I felt compelled. It is everything I hoped and more. I have the book on my kitchen table, and at least once a day I open it and read a different page, inspired by what I am eating or cooking or wondering about cooking. It never disappoints, and each page gives me so much to think about that it's not possible to read it faster. Since getting the book, it's become a bit of a weekly tradition for me to buy a new spice and then experiment with different ways of using it. Such a lovely, guilt-free pleasure for my life. I've spent so much time smelling and savoring flavours with a new appreciation that I'm practically meditating. Very good for stress :) --Rosie B.

The utilization of spices and seasonings has always been a bit of a mystery for myself. Outside of salt, pepper, and the liberal application of garlic and onion powders I’ve always felt overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of options with no real basis of where to even begin. This book has quelled any apprehension I’ve felt by applying a pragmatic approach to how spices work in conjunction with one another while still embracing the idea of being adventurous with this new knowledge. The scientific approach to how different spices react to different applications of physics and how their individual chemical releases can accentuate the same properties in other spices has been a true game-changer for myself. The author also goes into great detail on the different regions from where spices originated and how different regions utilize those spices into blends that are specific to that part of the world. I’ve recommended this book to several people and they’ve all been blown away with the knowledge held within the pages. If you were intrigued by the “periodic table of spices” example in the preview pages then let me just tell you that there is an AMAZING chart at the end of the book that is even more stunning in regards to information. I will certainly be reading other books Dr. Farrimond has released and greatly look forward to future works in this field. HIGHLY recommend! --Cody 

This tome exceeded my expectations! So much new information! I was taken deep into the science of flavor and chemical reasons for the flavor of spices. Another important component of this book is how to use them properly so their flavors will not degrade (and no, it's MUCH more that just storing them in a cool, dark place). Then we are shot out into the world of cuisine, with all it's unusual flavors. With limited pages available, the authors managed to give us a broad spread of cuisines. Everyone who opens this beautiful book, LOVES it and can't put it down. --Vancouver Island 

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