A Lime and a Shaker: Discovering Mexican-Inspired Cocktails

A Lime and a Shaker: Discovering Mexican-Inspired Cocktails

A Lime and a Shaker: Discovering Mexican-Inspired Cocktails 

A delectable assortment of lively mezcal-and tequila-based plans from prestigious beverages specialists The Tippling Bros.

With more than fifty years of consolidated involvement with the refreshment business, the writers of this book have assembled 72 energizing plans that go path past the exemplary margarita to observe Mexico's mixed drink culture.

Included are conventional, specialty, and zesty beverages, for example, the Blood-Orange-Cinnamon Margarita, San Fresa Frizz, and Smokey Pablo. The creators likewise spread the historical backdrop of tequila, clarify the contrast between various tequilas, and offer extra plans for aguas frescas, syrups, salts, and a portion of their preferred Mexican dishes. With shading photographs all through, this is the must-have book regarding the matter, ideal for home cooks, barkeeps, and the individuals who simply need to find out about tequila and mezcal.

"A Lime and a Shaker features the full range of flavors you can accomplish when blending in with agave spirits." — Jim Meehan, writer of The PDT Cocktail Book

From the Author
TAD CARDUCCI and PAUL TANGUAY are two of the beverage industry's most sought-after consultants and educators, with national and international accolades for their work. They founded the Tippler NYC and are partners in the Mercadito Hospitality Group.
I gave this book as a Christmas gift to someone who loves margaritas. We're both having such a fun time reading the recipes and stories in the book — it's the best! I didn't have high expectations for a cocktail cook book but the info is so interesting and helpful and it's fun to reference while making new drinks or just to read after dinner. --S. Caruso

Love this book. I was pleasantly surprised to find that, not only do I have an arsenal of pretty kick-ass Mexican cocktail recipes at my disposal, I learned more than I ever thought possible about the history and varieties of Tequila and Mezcal. The recipes are fresh and sophisticated but totally accessible. Can't wait to work my way through all of them, now that I'm a bonafide expert on all things Tequila. Bonus: the book is beautiful and well-written. This would be a great gift along with a nice bottle of Tequila. --S. Lemer

If you have ever been overwhelmed by variety while shopping for Tequila, this book is for you! After reading "Tequila 101" you will know exactly what you need and why you need it. Big thanks to the Tippling Bros. for sharing their knowledge and experience so that others can enjoy. The recipes offer so many flavor combinations there is sure to be a favorite for everyone and the stories they share are quite entertaining! If there are any Tequila lovers on your gift lists this is one they will LOVE! Nothing but good stuff here!!! --Lisa Brandon 

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