The Chemistry of Food

The Chemistry of Food

The Chemistry of Food

A center subject in food Science, food science is the investigation of the substance structure, cycles and cooperations of all organic and non-natural parts of nourishments. This book is an English language interpretation of the writer's Czech-language food science reading material.

The principal half of the book contains an early on part and six sections managing primary full scale and micronutrients, and the basic dietary factors that decide the wholesome and vitality estimation of food crude materials and nourishments. It incorporates sections gave to amino acids, peptides and proteins, fats and different lipids, sugars, nutrients, mineral substances and water. The second 50% of the book manages mixes answerable for smell, taste and shading that decide the tactile nature of food materials and nourishments. It further incorporates parts committed to antinutritional, poisonous and other organically dynamic substances, food added substances and contaminants.

Understudies, instructors and food technologists will discover this book a basic reference on definite data about the progressions and responses that happen during food handling and capacity and conceivable outcomes how to oversee them. Nutritionists and the individuals who are keen on solid sustenance will discover data about supplements, novel nourishments, natural nourishments, nutraceuticals, dietary enhancements, antinutritional factors, food added substances and contaminants.

About the Author
Jan Velíšek is Professor of Food Chemistry and Analysis at the Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Prague

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