Freakshakes: Mega Milkshake for Sweet Tooth Fanatics

download ebook Freakshakes: Mega Milkshake for Sweet Tooth Fanatics

Freakshakes: Mega Milkshake for Sweet Tooth Fanatics 

A definitive treat for milkshakes-darlings, cake-sweethearts and pastry lovers.Over the top, mega and liberal are the best words to portray this new treat overwhelming the UK. A freakshake, initially from Canberra, Australia, is a blend of milkshake, cake, doughnut, bread, anything-you-like sweet-tastic combination.Start by making the base for your freakshakes. We'll tell you the best way to make a liberal, velvety milkshake base that would then be able to be finished off with anything based on your personal preference to make your exceptional freakshake. Broken into sections on fundamentals, fixings, sauces and syrups this empowers you to make your Freakshake as insane as you like.Delve into plans for Chocolate Brownies, Jammie Dodgers, Marshmallow and start dressings your vessel. We've included Freakshake thoughts, for example, a prepared Lemon Meringue Pie, gooey Double Chocolate Oreo, Coffee Mocha Cracker and a Salted Caramel Banoffee Cream yet this ought not restrict your creations.Overflowing with lashings of cream, chocolate, brownies, cakes, scones and sauce a freakshake is the ideal treat for sweet tooth fan.

About the Author
Paul started his café, Blue Dogs Kitchen, in 2013 with a focus on fresh ingredients for salads, sandwiches and freakshakes. He lives in Cheltenham with his wife and their two dogs.

After paying through the nose for milkshakes from a local cafe, I decided to set up a little milkshake station and make my own. I quickly ran out of ideas so decided to get some help from this book. Gives you everything from how to dress the glass, the shake itself and the toppings if you want to go that far. A few recipes included for an ice cream, ganache and whipped cream - I haven’t tried these yet but will be giving the ice cream a go. Also a big extra section which has recipes for cookies, cakes etc. Overall, very happy with this. -M. Mcpherson
Brillant book with great recipes and the book is not just for milkshakes as it has how do make brownies, cookies and honeycomb etc. The book is very colourful and i would really recommend it as it has a wide range of recipes. -Jessica R. 
Don't read through this is your hungry! Perfect recipe and idea book for the sweet tooth in your life -Lydia

Download Ebook Freakshakes: Mega Milkshake for Sweet Tooth Fanatics  | 24 Mb | Pages 80 | EPUB | 2017 

Freakshakes: Mega Milkshake for Sweet Tooth Fanatics
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