Fairfield County Chef's Table: Extraordinary Recipes From Connecticut's Gold Coast

download ebook Fairfield County Chef's Table: Extraordinary Recipes From Connecticut's Gold Coast

Fairfield County Chef's Table: Extraordinary Recipes From Connecticut's Gold Coast

Fairfield County has a special interest in a portion of Connecticut's most various landscape, an advantageous nearness to New York City, and a recognizing network of food sweethearts driving the interest for an energetic feasting scene. The Gold Coast brags some the nation's toniest neighborhoods, for example, Greenwich and Southport, just as the state's biggest urban areas, including the notable port city of Norwalk, the corporate-disapproved Stamford, and the different Bridgeport. Top notch food, thick midtown eating regions, and neighborhood bodegas are similarly at home along this thick and differing passage. Along Fairfield County's rural focus are such towns as Ridgefield, New Canaan, and Westport, whose notable Main Streets and social milestones draw a family-arranged populace. Accordingly, recovered bars, ranchers' business sectors, and upscale feasting areas dispersed with family-accommodating alternatives flourish. At the landlocked northern edges, calm enclaves, for example, Easton, Wilton, and Newtown have enormous areas of ensured and lacking area, just as plentiful farmland and a modest bunch of homestead to-table eateries.

With plans for the home cook from more than fifty of the region's most commended cafés and displaying more than 200 full-shading photographs highlighting mouth-watering dishes, acclaimed gourmet specialists, and loads of neighborhood flavor, Fairfield County Chef's Table is a definitive blessing and souvenir cookbook for the two sightseers and local people.

About the Author
Amy Kundrat is the executive editor of CTbites, the award-winning website devoted to chronicling great food in Connecticut, especially her home in Fairfield County. A communications specialist with a concentration in new media, Amy’s career leading external communications teams has taken her from world-class art museums, to technology start-ups, and academic institutions. She currently works in New Haven at Yale University, where she indulges in the city’s vibrant food-truck scene. She lives in the woods of northern Fairfield County with her husband.

Stephanie Webster is the editor in chief and founder of CTbites.com. Born and raised in New York City by parents who design restaurants for a living, she developed a passion for finding out-of-the-way gems during weekly trips to the depths of Chinatown and frequent trips abroad. Professionally she began her career as a photo editor in the magazine industry and then migrated to the world of new media consulting and website building during New York’s first dot-com wave. She led strategy, brand development, site architecture, and content development assignments for top consumer brands. A seven-year excursion to Seattle exposed her to a casual yet innovative approach to food that hadn’t yet made it to the East Coast. When she relocated back to Connecticut, she made it her quest to find great food and support a community of eaters that live for their next meal.

The Fairfield County Chef's Table was much more than I expected from the quality of the book itself to how well written it was. Recipes from the area gives me more of an idea of what I am missing and need to explore these restaurants and hopefully meet some of these selected chefs. The photographs of these recipes makes you want to try all the recipes now. -Nancy

This book provides an excellent overview of Fairfield County's culinary scene with great recipes and photographs of local restaurants, chefs, and dishes. -Chris P. 
As a cookbook aficionado, I purchased this one to support the author, a former colleague who is a passionate foodie with a keen artistic eye. I knew the book would be visually interesting but I must say, after reading it cover to cover, I can't put it down. The best parts are the brief, personal introductions to the establishments and the owner/chef stories. Reading them makes me feel like an insider. Plus the photos make the food most appetizing and the faces friendly and welcoming. I just made the Dark Chocolate Truffles (for Easter) with Ghirardelli chocolate, not Ecuadorian, and they are wonderful. I am eager to try the other very approachable recipes from some of my favorite area restaurants; the next one on my list will be the most complicated--Bouillabaisse from L'Escale. The ingredient list is long but the instructions are clear, concise and manageable…nothing intimidating here. And in the few recipes with an uncommon ingredient, a source is noted--love that. I returned to the Amazon website to order three more copies as gifts for other foodie friends when I decided to write this review. I hope they enjoy this book as much as I do. It is well worth every penny. -Happy Camper 

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 Fairfield County Chef's Table

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