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Modernist Bread
What is modernist bread?
making suitable bread is each an art and a science—modernist bread is a 2,642-page party of that and more, along with bread’s destiny. the fruits of over 4 years of nonstop studies, pictures, experiments, writing, and baking, modernist bread isn’t pretty much new recipes, though—it’s approximately the manner we consider bread from the ground up.

inside the area of 5 volumes plus a recipe guide, this groundbreaking set tells the story of one of the international’s maximum essential ingredients in new and distinct ways. inside this ebook you’ll find out the science, records, cultures, and personalities at the back of bread, along with gear you may use to form its future. analyze what truly takes place whilst dough is mixed, new strategies for operating with preferments, techniques for making bread in any form of oven, and progressive approaches to growing taste—for the duration of extra than 1,two hundred recipes and versions to master and encourage.

A Look Inside :
5 volumes of bread
find out the complete story of bread throughout 5 volumes. the primary three volumes of modernist bread provide an in-intensity study records, basics, ingredients, strategies, and device—they’re accompanied by way of  full volumes of recipes and a transportable recipe manual.

a e book for each type of baker
whether you’re new to baking or a pro pro, you can bake out of this ebook no matter what type of equipment you have. all of the recipes in modernist bread have been advanced for professional and home ovens as well as unique blending methods and mixers. you’ll additionally find recipe courses that will help you determine where to begin primarily based on enjoy degree in addition to how an awful lot time you have.

new discoveries and strategies
a faster panettone. a candy-and-bitter levain. an aha second that converted our ryes. the end result of over 4 years of research and extra than 1,six hundred experiments, modernist bread incorporates dozens of recent insights and strategies as a way to wonder and pride you—and help you are making higher bread.

over 1,two hundred recipes and variations
modernist bread encapsulates breads and bread-making strategies from around the world, with a guide that will help you get started. make lean breads, enriched breads, rye breads, whole-grain breads, and flatbreads. also protected are recipes for bagels, pretzels, bao, gluten-unfastened breads, and bread machines.

recipe guide
blanketed with the set, a 440-page cord-sure recipe guide makes it smooth to convey all the recipes and reference tables into the kitchen in one compact collection.

over five,000 photos
stunning pix seize bread as you’ve by no means visible it earlier than. you’ll also locate helpful step-through-step photos that stroll you through essential information of nearly each method and master recipe inside the ebook.
About The Author :
Nathan Myhrvold is founder of the cooking lab and lead writer of modernist delicacies: the art and science of cooking, modernist cuisine at home, the photography of modernist delicacies, modernist bread, and the impending ebook modernist pizza. he mechanically pushes the bounds of culinary technology as a chef, scientist, photographer, and creator. he has had a ardour for meals and images because he became a boy. at a younger age he fed on cooking books and invested in new cameras and lenses—even at the same time as doing postdoctoral cosmology paintings with stephen hawking. while working because the leader generation officer of microsoft, he took a leave of absence to earn his culinary diploma from Ć©cole de cuisine los angeles varenne in france. nathan retired from microsoft in 1999 to discovered intellectual ventures and pursue several pursuits, consisting of his lifelong passion for pictures, cooking, and food technological know-how. inspired by using the void in literature approximately culinary technological know-how and the modern techniques used within the world’s fine restaurants, myhrvold assembled the modernist delicacies crew to percentage the artwork and technological know-how of cooking with others. myhrvold opened modernist cuisine gallery in 2017 after receiving continued requests to buy the images observed in his books. with places in las vegas, new orleans, seattle, and los angeles jolla, the gallery features huge-scale, restricted-version prints of myhrvold’s art and is the primary gallery inside the international to awareness totally on meals pictures with the aid of a unmarried artist. francisco migoya leads the modernist cuisine culinary crew as head chef and is coauthor of modernist bread. collectively with nathan myhrvold, he directs culinary research and the development of latest strategies and recipes. migoya, myhrvold, and the rest of the modernist cuisine group are currently engaging in research and writing their next book, modernist pizza. an progressive pastry chef, migoya’s ebook, the elements of dessert (john wiley & sons, 2012), received a 2014 international association of culinary professionals cookbook award within the expert kitchens category. he has been diagnosed as a top us pastry chef and chocolatier with accolades that include the medal of master artisan pastry chef (2013) from gremi de pastisseria de barcelona. migoya owned hudson sweets in ny and worked at both the french laundry and bouchon bakery as government pastry chef. previous to becoming a member of the modernist cuisine crew, migoya was a professor on the culinary institute of america where his areas of education protected bread, viennoiserie, pastry, and culinary technology.
It arrived last night after over a year of waiting. It was packaged essentially the same as Modernist Cuisine was, with an outer brown cardboard box and recycled molded cardboard corner spacers around an inner box. The books and stainless steel case were in perfect condition. It's morethan fifty pounds of book (almost 54 in the packaging), so don't hurt yourself getting it inside! So far I've only explored the first two volumes in any depth but I've really been impressed so far. Modernist Cuisine tried to be an all-inclusive reference to savory cooking in a modernist style, and that's an overwhelming breadth of topics. Even at 2,400 pages, there were many topics that were better covered as single subjects in other books. It was also their first book and there were some rough edges to be seen, though it was still a magnificent achievement. Bread however succeeds in several ways that Cuisine didn't. It's essentialy 2,600 pages on a single subject and they can really dig into things in great depth. It doesn't hurt that the single subject is something that I love, so rather than having varying interest in the recipes in Cuisine, Bread is just a never ending wonderment of bready goodness. Bread is also unburdened by the exotic equipment and ingredients that made most of Cuisine inaccessible to home cooks once you got past the Mac & Cheese. Almost everything in Bread looks like it should be accessible to any dedicated home cook, and with very little special equipment (no Roto-Vap, Ultra Centrifuge, or Anti-griddles in sight). The information density seems higher than in Cuisine, and I'm really learning a lot. Even their history section in volume 1 is extensive and well researched and quite interesting. They have an even longer chapter on nutrition and diet this time, but it's similar to that from Cuisine and they debunk most fads and most "common wisdom" about diet and health. The production quality, binding, and the illustrations are at least as good and probably better than Cuisine. The over 5,000 images are stunningly good and of the highest resolution. The volumes are oversize and just at the limit of something you can hold in your lap and read comfortably. In this respect the set is easily worth the price as an object of art to display and enjoy, even if you only ever admire it.-Gavin Scott
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Volume 1 Not Included 

Content Books
Vol 1 Modernist Bread - History and Fundamentals
Vol 2 Modernist Bread - Ingredients
Vol 3 Modernist Bread - Techniques And Equipment
Vol 4 Modernist Bread - Recipes I
Vol 5 Modernist Bread - Recipes II
Vol 6 Modernist Bread - Kitchen Manual (Extra Volume)


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