SALT LAKE CITY CHEF'S TABLE : Extraordinary Recipes from The Crossroads of the West

SALT LAKE CITY CHEF'S TABLE : Extraordinary Recipes from The Crossroads of the West


Even though the west turned into won years and years in the past, the pioneer spirit lives on in salt lake metropolis
(slc). The neighborhood meals scene is ripe with possibility and alive with food entrepreneurs filled with
Thoughts that many concept might never take off in salt lake town?Let alone fly.
Salt lake town can be regarded for a international-renowned choir and the transcontinental railroad’s golden spike, however it’s a modern, vibrant town that has held on to its pioneer spirit. And nowhere is that pressure more potent than inside the neighborhood food scene, ripe with opportunity and ingenuity. The foodie network embraces collaboration and generosity, so neighborhood restaurants, bars, and providers—pardon the pun—feed on each other to attain greater heights. Entrepreneurs are serving the whole lot from bone marrow to tumbleweed, whilst foraging for mushrooms and new thoughts to elevate slc and its culture.

With 76 recipes for the home cook from the region's most celebrated eateries and showcasing over 200 full-coloration pics providing mouth-watering dishes, famous chefs, and plenty of neighborhood taste, salt lake metropolis chef's desk is the last gift and memento cookbook for both travelers and residents alike.

About the Author

Becky and Josh Rosenthal run the popular blogs SLCfoodie, Vintage Mixer, and SLCmixers and Josh is the managing partner of Charming Beard Coffee.
They live in Salt Lake City with their son Everett and Portuguese Waterdog, Henry.  Check out for local food info, @SLCfoodie on Twitter or
Josh left West Texas as soon as he could for the mountains of Northern Utah, but he made sure to lure the lovely Becky Burns to come along.  Through a series of miracles Becky chose Josh and together they became the Rosenthals.  Josh lives as a singer/songwriter/author/pastor/entrepreneur supporting Becky in her endeavors with Grace Food Group (Vintage Mixer, SLC Foodie, Gather).  He's also the CEO of Charming Beard Coffee Roasters and an associate pastor at Missio Dei Community in downtown Salt Lake City.  In all of his efforts, Josh seeks the best for his city and the people with whom he meets and works. 
This beautiful, well-written cookbook is filled with beautiful pictures, tales and popular recipes from some of my favorite restaurants in Salt Lake. If you live in Utah and have been fortunate enough to eat at these restaurants, or even if you haven't and just love great recipes, you'll be glad you bought this book.-Barbara S.
Josh and Becky have been fixtures on the SLC food scene for a bunch of years now so it's pretty natural that they would write a book highlighting the people and recipes in this city. I love how the book focuses on the chefs, mixologists, winemakers and bakers - not just the restaurants. That focus means that there is a lot more in this book than you'd get from a thorough reading of yelp or the local food blogs. The intimacy that comes out in each page clearly came from time spent one-on-o
ne with the personalities featured in the book. As for the recipes, I've only tried one, and it was a big hit. I hate cookbooks, but I love some of the things that SLC chefs make so I decided to go for it with the Copper Onion Beef Stroganoff. It wasn't a quick endeavor, but my dish came out really close to what I get when I dine at Copper Onion. If you knew my (low) level of culinary skill, that statement might carry more weight. I highly suggest that you buy this book if you're looking for a gift for the food-lover in SLC. It will appeal to folks who love our dining scene and perhaps tempt them to try their hand in the kitchen, and it will also appeal to people who love to cook and perhaps give them cause to try out a new local establishment.-Mark

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