SAUSAGE - A Country by Country Photographic Guide With Recipes

Download cook book SAUSAGE - A Country by Country Photographic Guide With Recipes


Sausage courses the reader on a rustic via united states excursion of sausage, describing and explaining the unique styles of sausage found in every region, how they are made, how they are used, and if they are sparkling, dried, semi-dried, component-cooked, or cooked. well-known sausages from each area are celebrated, and classic recipes, inclusive of fabada and cassoulet  are covered so home chefs can expand their repertoire.

Sausage tells you everything you want to recognize approximately the different sorts and flavors of sausage, and the way to shop for, save, and serve them. For real aficionados, there may be even path on how to make your personal salamis and sausages, and how to salt your personal 1st Baron Beaverbrook.

That is a really perfect book for foodies, cooks, eaters, kitchen experimenters, backyard BBQ masters, and all of us who'd like to elevate their expertise and appreciation of tube steaks across the world.

Includes :

330 sausages featured with complete-coloration images of each sausage

Assisting notes describing the flavor of the sausages

12 step-by-step strategies demonstrating a way to make your own sausages

48  traditional recipes
Everybody loves sausages but very few can distinguish a frankfurter from a bockwurst, not to mention a kielbasa from a sobrasada. If you are on the quest for the perfect hot-dog for your buns (bun intended), you'll treasure this book. At least you get to tell them apart at the deli counter! (sausages, I mean).-Palco Calderon
A wealth of Knowledge. Have used this "reference" book countless times!!!!!!!.-Mark
As an amateur sausage maker, I bought this book to help me learn about sausages around the world. For that purpose, it is excellent.
Don't expect many recipes for actual sausages from this. There are plenty of other better books for that. But this volume gives you a good overview of sausages from different regions, and a general description of each one. I really like this book and it fills my imagination with so many more possibilities of what to try to cure.-Paul H. Gardner

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