CANDY - The Good Cook Techniques & Recipes Series

CANDY - The Good Cook Techniques & Recipes Series


Frivolous fare I Sugar syrup: The elemental ingredient I Using a candy thermometer IT actics for handling nuts I Additions far flavor and color I Chocolate: A sumptuous resource I Creating a miniature piping bag I Choosing and preparing molds I An adjustable frame of metal bars 

A dazzling spectrum I Bright-hued disks of hardened syrup IT wisted sticks of barley sugar IT wo ways to create patterned taffies I Flavored creams from melted fondant I Fondant: A versatile paste of kneaded syrup I A nut-packed brittle I Caramel I Fudge I Marshmallows I Nougat

Exploiting intrinsic sweetness IT urning fruit into moldable pastes I Grinding a mixture of dried fruits I Cooking to concentrate fresh fruit I Sparkling jellies based on fresh juice I Impregnating fruit with sugar I A dry, glittering coat I A smooth glace finish I Citrus peels simmered in syrup 

Binding diverse ingredients/ A simple nut mixture that needs no cooking I Marzipan: A cooked almond paste I A complex checkerboard design I Concentric circles of calor I Appealing finishes for nut pastes I A fine coating of sugar crystals IT ruffles: Chocolate-and-cream confections 
A choice of splendid finishes/ Applying a lustrous coat of fondant I Glossing confections with sugar syrup I Walnuts sandwiched with marzipan /The special demands of chocolate/ Inducing a liquid to farm its own container I Molding an Easter egg I Fashioning soft-centered chocolate cups 

Simple boiled-sugar candy 88 I Enriched boiled-sugar candy 94 I Foamy candy 124 I Candy jellies 130 I Candied fruits, nuts and vegetables 132 I Candy pastes 134 I Assemblies 156 I Dipped candies

Fabulous book and chocolates and candies from far and wide. I am a collector of chocolate and candy cookbooks and this is one of my very favorites.-Shelley
This is an excellent text - however, the terminology is American English, and British readers may need Confectionery (same series, but localized) - either instead of, or in addition to, Candy. (It is interesting to see that not only do the culinary terms differ, but the introductions to the individual chapters have been rewritten. Why Candy should show how to make candied orange peel, while Confectionery shows lemon peel being candied, I do not know. Maybe it's because, unlike unwaxed lemons, unwaxed oranges are still difficult to obtain in this country.-Cric
This book is a classic! It contains many hard to find recipes, and has good reviews of techniques. I had purchased this book as part of a set many years ago and had given it away. It was good to find it again. It is referenced by pastry chefs.-Jerry

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